The most important indicators of investment in people are giving importance to education and the creation of educational projects and programmes. A country, a community, a family is strong and valuable with its human quality. Education is one of the main criteria that determines human quality. In a globalized world where boundaries are blurred, the boundaries of education are also expanding. Communication, sharing culture and universal values take place on the agenda of almost every human.

Within the time phrase where membership of the European Union initiatives continues, each joint venture, with European countries, is very important for our people and country. Doğa College is aware that the EU gives great importance to the education system and how it should be compatible in all contributing countries. Doğa College believes in the power and strength of its students’ success in the future therefore it teaches them how to grow, improve and learn. It has an education system which offers relaxing and loving support, is collaborationist and is always open to change. The Doğa

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London United Education

We, as the London United Education group, bring together under the same roof the educational institutions that, from the kindergarten on, offer their students an accessible and sustainable education environment in which to learn multiculturalism by living; that teach the responsibilities of being a global citizen from the early ages; that offer lifelong educations and trainings to increase their life qualities through the education methods blended with advanced and innovative technologies.

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