Some people are like water, they form the plate they are put. Who are like steel are the ones who keep their formation in each plate they are put. In order to form it, you have to melt in at thousands degrees which means taking everything away from it, destroy it. If you are asking yourself that “How few primitives remained?’ when you meet more people, let us decide it together: Are you cloudy water or steel?

I am a person who can easily express his thoughts. As long as water get precious in world, I see that people who form the plate they are put like water but whose display is cloudy. This does not make me happy. By the way, who becomes happy because of the increase of the men of age, people who wear every clothes, minority of primitive people? I will share short stories with you let you make your decision. Are you cloudy water or steel?

A married woman who is also a mother… She meets her husband at high school. They have been together for fifteen years. First, they decide to lose weight because marriage and their relationship became routine. By beating their passion on foods, they get into the shape how they were in high school in one year. This adrenaline and excitement attract her, and she decides to do her own job. She succeeds it. She starts a business with a friend who has many friends and whom they know. Customers and invoices… Life gets routine again and she accepts dinner offer of her partner. Later? A new life in a house with her children! Is she a cloudy water or steel?

Your friend graduates from school. She is a survey engineer, he is a leader. She is both the president of women’s branch and a leader of students. Her party cannot even take place in parliament. She is trying to pay the rent with the works of old agricultural lands her relatives to be divided into parcels by driving her 14 year-old car whose exhaust is noisy. You encounter her after one year. He is driving a brand new jeep and brand new clothes… She transferred to the party who won the elections although it is just the opposite of her history… Is she a cloudy water or steel?

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