Alarm rings, you wake up, it is an ordinary morning, you go out from your home, houses look weird, people around you speak in a language you do not understand. You knock the doors of your neighbors, people you have never seen until that time open the doors and stare at you. You want to call somebody by phone, you run back to home and encounter with a warning in a language you do not know. You look outside through the window miserably, the flag flapping there is not yours… You feel yourself all alone and in a place outside the world.

These are not different than what people who gone to Germany experienced, they did not go out for weeks and what children and wives saw when they looked outside. There was a code I wrote from what was told by my father, readings and university years: ‘the fear of being stateless.

When you think that nobody takes care of, protect you in a place that you ever thought being in a place where your children are not educated in their mother tongue? No matter the opposite of it is told million times, they lived it… It was a result of cheating themselves for those people who satisfy themselves with the statement of ‘your home country is not the place you born but the one you earn’ in their way they are on for survive for a better life. I had a sickness in 80s: ‘homesickness’… The people who are physically okay just freeze or start to cry… This is what I remember from the sickness revealing in many types… The stories of returning back to the country later…

Actually, the situation of Italians who migrated to America in the beginning of 1900s was not different. There were novels, stories and many scientific studies related to what they experienced. When they get back to the country they born in with their own wishes and could not find it as they left, they went back to their second country, America. Although they do not have much difference in cultures, they also experienced similar problems.

You may say that while our country suffers from pain, mourning and sorrow, why we are talking about the nightmare of ‘being stateless’. When you want to think more health, take your steps with your mind, you should forget all your past and the things which remind them, this is what I do. I am not a person who collects much stuffs, writes something in papers and feels like discovering a treasure when he finds them. I am how making decisions objectively without ignoring my experiences and history and who also listens to his heart. I found a note in an old book while checking books including a text as ‘the fear of being stateless’. It is my hand writing but I do not remember the book… why did I write it?

I was like I am in a room where I always imagine the moment when the explode occurred, the child on the shoulders of his father and people showing up on television as an expert. Everybody just wants to learn who did it. Stigmatizing, assigning meanings are the next. Which people and countries are hidden behind it? Who wants to separate us? Guilty people should be found and bring to justice… We all want it but it is just 1 cm2 of an ice mass over the water… We also know it! Everybody who lives in this country knows that this is a ruse and terrorist groups and countries may be a part of it…

There is a detail that no one pays attention; who is that for, is the target innocent people who died there? Is the target people who govern the country? Is the target is the ones who want to take place in government after November 1? These are the question which takes away of the target… The wideness and power of this country cannot be measured as its expansion of land… It is the target where the people living on it gather… What makes them powerful is the power they get from the constitution where they wrote the rules of living together… It is the power of them what makes the people living on it strong… One of the most important targets of what occurred, carrying polarization to edge points by sharpening different ideas. When this occurs, conversation between us ends first. When conversation is over, it is late for everything.

Code: The fear of being stateless… None of us feel a fair such the millions of citizens of us who migrated at the end of 50s to survive or millions of immigrants who lost their lives just to survive. We have a hope inside of us about that the sun will warm inside of us again, enable our country to have a beautiful future. We are the grandsons of a generation who challenged the great powers.

We say that we can also beat these, we should say… We cannot go one more step beyond this idea. There are many things to do for a common solution, a common mind and get rid of the mood we have now. But the first thing to do is to gather and meet at the same platform with same expectations. This first step will be a big one both for the future of our children and the future of our country… I am ready to do what I am supposed to do… How about you?

Welcome to the
London United Education Group.