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We are a big family possessed by the sincere belief that life is the product of dreams and that dreams constitute the targets and targets the life. We put our heart as well as our mind into our work. As part of the act of carrying on business with science as its output, we believe in the power of looking and seeing from different perspectives and of changing ourselves and others. We march on our way with the wholehearted intention of changing the lives of those who touch and contact with us so that they can achieve their dreams and reach their targets and with the aim of beautifying our surroundings and our country as well as the whole world.

We prepare our students not only for the courses but also for the life on this way; we teach them not only the syllabus but also the professions; we do not leave them in the throes of theories only, but offer them experience, as well. As a global university, we train global men who possess their local values. We are a university that turns its face to the life, the surroundings and the whole world and that breathes at every minute, not a closed education institution environed by four walls.

We provide our students with opportunities to know themselves, to recognize their dreams, to determine their targets and to overcome the obstacles one by one on their way to these targets. Thus, we encourage them to change and improve themselves together with us and the whole world. All this is because we believe that dreams change life. If one person changes, the whole world changes.

Mission And Vision

Nisantasi University has a universal perspective and approach and international collaborations as well as strong academic staff. Succeeding in transferring this academic substructure to the professional circle and life, we are aware of our responsibilities for training people who adopt the scientific thought system, who are ethical, social, productive, questioning and sensitive and who can add value to the world by representing our country successfully in the international arena.

With this mission in mind, our vision is to be able to be a university that prepares its students for the professional life after graduation by blending the theory and knowledge with practice at all times, that follows an education system with its strong social and technologic substructure that corresponds to the real life, that tries to make its students the leader of global platform through its educational opportunities of worldwide standards and that relies on scientific, ethical, social values to shape the future.

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London United Education

We, as the London United Education group, bring together under the same roof the educational institutions that, from the kindergarten on, offer their students an accessible and sustainable education environment in which to learn multiculturalism by living; that teach the responsibilities of being a global citizen from the early ages; that offer lifelong educations and trainings to increase their life qualities through the education methods blended with advanced and innovative technologies.

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